March 01 2012 Issue


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Crows Are No Strangers
veena kaippangala

When the moon waned and the cicadas stopped humming, I heard the unmistakable rustle of her stirring from her bed in the next room.

The Curator
anu kumar

That summer of 1947, when uncertainty was rife all over the country, I was in the village of Lal Deri in Sindh, searching for sites to be excavated.

Chinook in the North Sea
Sqn.Ldr.P.K.Vaid VrC.

Boeing has been making the Chinook helicopter since about 1962. In fact, the Chinook-47 might be unlike any other helicopter you have encountered, because it can carry up to 47 persons on board.

Tiger Trail: Bandipur
sarah rand

I was flooded with anticipation, I really, really did want to see a tiger in the wild but I kept it a closely guarded secret.

Devilís Advocate
Shivika mathur

They say it is not my forte. But what is forte anyway?

Kidneys and Tentacles
rumjhum biswas

Miss! Miss! The man showed his kidneys!

Thimmakkaís Son
srijaya char

Thimmakka was about forty eight years old. She was called ‘Thimmi’. She accompanied a group of construction workers.

Chatting with Shehan Karunatilaka
Suneetha balakrishnan

Shehan Karunatilaka says he’s not too obsessed with cricket.

Sweet Temptations
naheed muqeetulla

Kushal Krishnan was a man, neither of means, nor desires. His house had been bequeathed to him by his grandfather and his bakery had been set up by his father.

Light Stuff - Luscious Laksa
mayura mohta
On Razorís Edge in Phuket
nirupama Subramanian

The air was heavy with a mélange of sounds, smells and smoke. The sweet fragrance of incense and joss sticks mingled with something stronger, more acrid…

Resolute Women
smitha sehgal

Anita is rounded like a well formed pebble. She is generally quiet. She polishes the murals with a wet cloth and intense devotion.

Once upon a time
manjushree hegde

I don’t judge a book by its cover; I judge it by its first lines.

The Pursuit of Romance
paulami sengupta

My attempts at ushering myself into romance, assiduously as they continued, began when I started college.

Silent Echoes
Parvathi ramkumar

Reflections, he thought, gazing at his own on a mirrored pillar, one of many that decorated the massive hall.


Haven, Alaka Yeravadekar

Pineapple woman, Usha Kishore

Unwavered, Sumaiya Inayat

Extinction, Ardra Manasi

Afternoon gives way, Jayaprakash satyamurthy

Exam Hour, Paroma chakravarty

Bhang Diary, Snehith kumbla

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